What is On-Demand Manufacturing?

Q. What is On-Demand (OD) Apparel Manufacturing

A. On-Demand is the production of merchandise after orders are received.
Disorder Designs hand crafts all orders at Dr. Disorder's O-Demand Factory. Orders begin with a printing processes known as sublimation; otherwise known as All-Over-Print (AOP). Disorder designs are printed with water based inks on recycled paper and heat transferred onto cut pieces. These pieces are then bundled and designated to seamstresses who hand sew the garment to completion. Order items are then aggregated for fulfillment and shipped by the factory. DisorderDesigns merchandise is a true example of OD-AOP apparel. Our Cloak is great example of the capabilities of sublimation and our factory. 

Q. How Does Sublimation Work?

A. Sublimated apparel uses photo realistic digital images that are printed with water based inks onto recycled paper and transferred with heat onto cut panels of polyester fabrics. Heat Sublimation forms a molecular bond of color with the synthetic fibers and inks. The result is a fabric with photo realistic permanent color that can not be removed - it will not fade or bleach! 

Q. How Long Does it Take?

A. Our Factory strives to ship orders within 5-7 business days. We recommend you allow up to 2 weeks to receive an order.  

Q. What if My Order is taking longer than 2 weeks?

A. Occasionally factories run onto supply chain issues and damages during production. This can delay the order, but these are immediately expedited in production to avoid any delay. In addition, Holiday pandemic surges will overload the factory's capacity; so orders wait in a queue to begin production. Once production begins, order will take 5-7 days to ship. During the Holidays we recommend you have all orders in by Dec 1st to insure a Christmas time delivery.

Q. Where is Dr. Disorder's On-Demand Factory?

A. We are proudly made in the USA Gitmo-Nation. Our main Factory is in Los Angeles, CA; but we have satellite factories around the county for geo-targeted manufacturing to shorten delivery delivery times and reduce shipping cost.  

Q. Is OD Manufacturing Sustainable?

OD manufacturing is the most efficient and sustainable form of production because it is 100% resource efficient, avoiding inventory overages. Each order is made for you and thus less resources are used in the aggregate. In addition you are supporting Made in America workers and helping build a sustainable American apparel industry. We also use water based inks, recycle paper and fabrics where ever possible.

We highly recommend you watch The True Cost movie to better understand the sustainability issues the global apparel industry suffers from. This will give you greater appreciation to why Dr. Disorder recommends transforming the American Apparel industry with On-Demand manufacturing.