Q. Can I wear a Disorder Mask over my N95 or other surgical style mask? 

A. Our REGULR face mask fits most heads, and has 8 inch ear loops. This can cover an N95, but may be snug.

Q. Will these masks fit my kid? 

A. Our masks can fit little human resources, like kids over 7, however, we recommend them more for adults.

 Q. How can I clean these masks?

A. Treat it like any other laundry and machine wash and dry. Inks will not fade due to the sublimation process.   


Q. When will the masks ship? 

A. Normally, all masks orders are custom made on-demand and will be available to ship in 7 business days. These times can be extended up to 6 weeks during the 4th quarter holiday surge.

Q. Where do the masks ship from?

A. The masks are produced and shipped directly from Los Angeles, California, USA 

Q. Why does it take so long to ship? 

A. Because we hand craft all our orders one at a time after you place your order; this is on-demand. In addition, during holiday pandemics demand can surge; causing order to take longer than normal.

Q. Why didn't I receive my entire order?

A. In order to ship items as quickly as possible, we may have to split your order. Don't worry, your other items will arrive in an additional shipment as soon as possible.                                                                                                     


Q. How can I contact you with a question or issue?

A. Email dr.disorder@protonmail.com with your Order# <- VERY IMPORANT